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Frequency: Monthly class (weekly on Thursdays for 4 weeks)

Location: 1795 Jet Stream Dr Ste 106 Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm


  •  $65.00 (4-Week Course) 
  •  $20.00 (Drop-in) 
  •  $125.00 for 10 classes (Class Pass)




2/15, 2/22, 3/1, & 3/8


3/15, 3/22, 3/29, & 4/12  

*Important Update*

Classes will be switching to 6-Week Courses starting the Week of April 17, 2018 




 Please Note: Times are subject to change. Students will be notified in the event of a time change.

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Class Description


Students must have take both Salsa Level I courses prior to the entrance to Salsa Level II course. Students may opt in to the Series B course prior to brief assessment. Assessments are $10.00 per person and are by appointment only.



This course is designed to build upon the knowledge acquired through the level I courses. It is designed to continue to develop students' individual dancing and begin to introduce a more advanced pattern base.This level has a large amount of material to learn, therefore, it has been broken up into multiple series that will be taught throughout the months. 

  • Series A- 4 weeks
  • Series B- 4 weeks
  • Series C- 4 weeks
  • Series D- 4 weeks

For example, series A material may be taught over a total of 4 weeks in the month of October, Series B material will then be taught in November, Series C material will be taught in December, and so-on. Each set of material is exclusive from one another i.e. Series A material does not need to be known in order to execute Series B material. However, as you acquire the new material, you may combine and interchange the material to enhance your personal repertoire. You do not need a partner to join this class; however, you will need to pre-register to ensure a partner is provided for you. In this course you will learn:



You will continue to learn the techniques and fundamentals of dancing on your own:

  •  Development of body movement
  •  Development of balance & control
  •  Development of weight transfer techniques
  •  More advanced footwork


Fundamentals of understanding Salsa cntd.:

  •  Introduction to musicality
  •  New forms of timing
  •  Syncopated steps

More in depth concepts of the fundamentals of leading and following:

  •  Development of the roles of lead/follow
  •  Clarity of leads/listening as a follow
  •  More advanced turns
  •  More advanced directional patterns
  •  Development of connection continued

You do not need a partner to join this class; however, you will need to pre-register to ensure a partner is provided for you.

Please note: It is up to the instructor to determine the pace of the class which is dependent upon students. This may slow or progress the syllabus.

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