Latisha "Tish" Hardy

Owner/Founder of Latisha Hardy Dance & Co Ltd.

Latisha "Tish" Hardy is from Clinton, Utah. She has been dancing her whole life; however, grew very close to Latin dances 8 years ago. She has been training under world renowned dancers from LA, New York, and Chicago for the past 6 years, and is currently being mentored by Griselle Ponce out of New York City. This introduction is what set the vision for empowering others through the art of dance. The concept started while finishing an Undergraduate degree in Psychology; however, her career counselor advised her that she would need to find another passion since dancing was not a career. This prompted her to obtain her MBA and lead to the development of Latisha Hardy Dance & Co Ltd.

Ron Jules

Hip Hop Instructor

Ron Jules is the current owner and founder of Future of Hip Hop Dance. He dances, teaches, and choreographs all styles but specializes in Hip-Hop, Popping, Locking, B-boying, Krump, House, Capoeira, Afro-Dance, Tricking/Acrobatics, and more. He is the beloved instructor for Colorado College and Pikes Peak Community College. He is an energetic, passionate individual. We are blessed to have him at the studio.

Chris Knott

Owner/Founder of Dunamis ARP (Strength Coach)

As a former strength and conditioning coach for Purdue University, USA Olympic Rowing and the Colorado Rockies, Chris brings a wealth of experience to the table. In addition, he has worked and consulted for several USA Olympic teams and professional athletes including NFL, Olympic wrestling, boxing, judo, rowing, swimming, volleyball, weightlifting, gymnastics, and soccer. Chris's most recent accolade was supporting and preparing 23 of the Super Bowl 50 Denver Bronco champions, including the Super Bowl 50 MVP.

Chris resides in Colorado Springs with his wife and four daughters. He continues his sports performance, neurological rehabilitation, and functional medicine practices to offer each individual the opportunity to realize their full, God-given potential.

Ryan Cook

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ryan has been training under Chris Knott at the Dunamis gym since High School. His training obtained him a scholarship as a high jumper to Drake University. Ryan is now working full-time as a mentor, coach, athlete, and trainer.