Provocation... is it good or bad? It depends on context. Without provocation, influential movements would not occur, the world would not evolve, and people would not grow. Provocation is inspiration. Provocation is motivation. Provocation is power.

By becoming something different, you become a target. A focal point to break the monotony of daily life. A force so grand it can be ignored. An object that is either despised or adored, causing minds to think and re-think their own values.

As a dancer, provocation is used to inspire emotion into their audience, hoping to transfer the light from one heart to the next. In order to obtain such a feet, you as the dancer must be willing to take risks, be bold, and become the force of change. 

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Connecting to confidence is a risky dance of leading and following myself into unfamiliar steps, unique rhythms, and new patterns without losing the art of being me. More often than not, the dread of trying something that quietly yet persistently nudges me, is far worse than actually following through with the task. Granting myself the permission to actively seek new aspirations, hidden in the most inaccessible depths of my being, can set expansive cellular change into forward motion.

Confidence is a quality obtained through playful experimentation… so play. What most people do not realize is this process is fun when you remove self judgement and the fear of judgement from others. Be willing to take chances, admit when you do not ...

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What is Dance? says it is “to move one’s feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music.” Maybe, they are correct, but I stand to tell you how dance should truly be defined.

Dance is an interpretation of an unfulfilled emotion translated by your beautiful body. It is the release of non-identified energy, waiting to be explored through rhythmic movement. It is a personal expression of self that each individual uniquely creates. Most importantly, it is your personal love story displayed for the world to experience.

Is your struggle for self-identity, craving to live peacefully within yourself? Is it the burning desire to complete or commit to any goal? Wa...

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