If you're going to do it... OWN IT!

Connecting to confidence is a risky dance of leading and following myself into unfamiliar steps, unique rhythms, and new patterns without losing the art of being me. More often than not, the dread of trying something that quietly yet persistently nudges me, is far worse than actually following through with the task. Granting myself the permission to actively seek new aspirations, hidden in the most inaccessible depths of my being, can set expansive cellular change into forward motion.

Confidence is a quality obtained through playful experimentation… so play. What most people do not realize is this process is fun when you remove self judgement and the fear of judgement from others. Be willing to take chances, admit when you do not know, speak with clarity, hold your head high, and be open to every experience! When we build upon these skills, allowing them to develop safely, we solidify a harmonious authenticity that no one else can duplicate. It is a priceless freedom worth jumping into the abyss for!