Salsa Dance: Creating Love Stories Through the Art of Dance

What is Dance? says it is “to move one’s feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music.” Maybe, they are correct, but I stand to tell you how dance should truly be defined.

Dance is an interpretation of an unfulfilled emotion translated by your beautiful body. It is the release of non-identified energy, waiting to be explored through rhythmic movement. It is a personal expression of self that each individual uniquely creates. Most importantly, it is your personal love story displayed for the world to experience.

Is your struggle for self-identity, craving to live peacefully within yourself? Is it the burning desire to complete or commit to any goal? Was your struggle to overcome an overbearing stereotype, striving to unleash one closed mind? Each individual must embrace their personal struggle to be able to clarify their this story through movement. Next, you must accept it as beautiful. Finally, you must dance to your song with esteem, assurance, and confidence, knowing that no other human being on this planet will ever be able to move the way you do… because they can’t. Own your label. Love your movement. Dance your story… with passionate conviction. THIS, my friends, is what it means to dance.